Doctor of Philosophy in Sociology


The minimum period of study for the Programme is 3 years

Mode of Delivery

The Programme is by thesis.

Admission Requirements
Minimum Entry Qualifications:

i. A candidate must have a Master degree with a GPA of not less than 3.0 in related field from a recognized Higher Learning Institution.

ii. Applicants must have a background of Sociological theories and social science research methodology at the master degree level with a minimum of GPA of 3.0 or “B” grade

Additional Requirements

i. Good proficiency in English

ii. A concept note that shall be evaluated and approved by experts in the relevant field of study (Send the concept note through:

Tuition Fee and Administrative Fees per Year

First Year: TSh. 3,274,600.00

Second Year: TSh. 3,224,600.00

Third Year: TSh. 3,630,600.00