The Center for Investigative Business Environment Reporting and Dialogue (CIBERD) is an outcome of the Business Environment Strengthening for Tanzania (BEST-Dialogue)’s initiatives at SAUT which are; Investigative Business Environment Reporting (IBER) and Higher Learning Institutions Network (HiLINE). The main objective of the center is to advocate for enabling business environment in Tanzania through investigative business environment reporting and dialogue.

Borrowing from the Advocacy Coalition Framework model developed by Paul Sabatier (1998), the center strives to advocate for the role of policy subsystems in influencing policy changes for better business environment in Tanzania. It is in this regard that the center envisages promoting academic research in examining effective models for the implementation of Multi-Actor Integration (MAI) in Tanzania.

All advocacy and Public Private Dialogue (PPD) programs are under the supervision of CIBERD. The ongoing Multi – Actors Integration initiative in lake Zone and the upcoming Nkwabi Ng’wanakilala’s day of investigative reporting in October 2017, are among immediate success of the center. Objectives

CIBIRD intends to accomplish the following objectives:

  • Coordinate all advocacy and PPD programs at SAUT
  • Coordination and sustainability of MAI
  • Conduct advocacy and PPD research
  • Promote Investigative Business Environment Reporting in Tanzania through trainings, workshops, seminars and research.
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