Vice Cancellor


As we initiate this new academic year, that is 2023-2024, I am delighted to welcome both the new and the continuing students to the St. Augustine University of Tanzania- SAUT. I am equally delighted to welcome new and continuing members of staff. Most of you have been there at the Campus carrying on with your duties but all the same allow me to say “KARIBU” and together welcome the new academic year. Again, let me extend my warmed welcome to the new students to SAUT. I together with my colleagues are thrilled that you have chosen SAUT as your home for studies in the next one year and up to the next four years depending on the nature and demand of your programmes. SAUT is supportive and will always remain supportive to your positive aspirations and efforts to gain and command higher education knowledge.

SAUT has a unique teaching and learning environment for both staff and students. We have an experienced academic and non-academic staff to nature you and thus realize your dreams. They are enthusiastic committed and ready to facilitate your learning and training all the time. You will be most comfortable with them if you are disciplined, committed and attentive all the time. They will surely lead you and guide you to achieving your targets. In this regard, I urge both the returning students and the new students to make full use of the opportunities provided by the University in order to realize your educational goals, you have to be circumspect. You will be taught, trained and mentored by those lecturers, whose main wish, actually aim, is to transform you into citizens who posses sound knowledge, a higher analytical ability as well as respect for humankind. It is the priority of SAUT to make you contribute effectively in the building of our nation. In order to fulfill this noble mission, SAUT is determined to provide relevant education in such a way that when you are through with your programme of study and graduate, you are a truly fully equipped with critical thinking as opposed to passive reproducers of what you have been taught in the lecture rooms.

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  • Tender Notice

  • Premiering Of Four (4) Movies By Department Of Journalism And Mass Communication

  • Application to Join Certificate and Diploma Programmes 2024/2025

  • Press Release- Academic Promotions-April 2024

  • Vice Chancellor's - Amb. Prof. Costa Ricky Mahalu Visit to Higher Education Institutions in Europe

  • KOZI FUPI - Agosti 2024: Maisha Baada ya Kidato Cha Nne

  • KOZI FUPI - Agosti 2024: Uendelevu wa Biashara

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    1st July

    1st Semester Supplementary/Special Examinations begin for Non Degree Programmes

    7th July

    Saba Saba Day

    8th July

    2nd Semester Final Examinations for Degree Programmes begin

    13th July

    Release/Publication of 2nd Semester Final Examination Results for Non- Degree Programmes

    21st July

    Long Vacation Starts

    22nd July

    2nd Semester Supplementary/Special Examinations Begin for Non Degree Programmes

    29th July

    1st Semester Supplementary/Special Examinations Begin for Degree Programmes


  • SAUT Academic Staff in a workshop with representatives from TCU on programme review.

    Council Meeting - May 2024.

    Finance and Planning Committee Meeting - April 2024

    Senate Meeting - April 2024

    St. Augustine University of Tanzania, 26th Graduation Ceremony. Guest of Honour Hon. Dr. Doto Biteko (MP), Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Energy.

    Most. Rev. Gervas Nyaisonga - Chancellor SAUT, Rt. Rev. Flavian Kassala - Chairman of the Council SAUT, Amb. Prof. Costa Ricky Mahalu - Vice Chancellor SAUT and Hon. Amina Makilagi - D.C. Nyamagana at 26th Graduation Ceremony.


    SAUT collaborate with other Universities internationally in academic and research activities including students and staff exchange program.